USBC 2023


Everyone will need to do their “Virtual Average Verification and Questionnaire.” Like last year, each person is required to do this on their own. Below is the information you will need to enter.

Questions 1-3: Yes/no

Question #4: Our First Day Of Competition is on: 6/14/2023

Questions 5-8: Yes/no (Most likely No to all)

Question 9a: If you have a “Championship” average on the spreadsheet below, answer “YES” for question 9a, and enter the average on the spreadsheet into the box 9b.

If you have a League Average on the spreadsheet below, Answer “NO” to 9a, then “League Average” for 10, and enter your average into 11b, then answer “NO” to 14a.

Preston Mastrangelo, Aundrea Moore, and Tyler Schneider, you have Entering averages from this season, so answer “NO” to 9a, “Current Season” to 10, and enter your average into 12a.

Answer Yes/No to the remainder of the questions asked (Most Likely No to all)

I have already converted the averages down for you, so just enter what is on the spreadsheet below. If you would like some help doing this, shoot me a message on Facebook or call me at Northside Lanes.

Click Here To Complete Your Virtual Average Verification

Our First Day Of Competition is on: